Mélanie Bergeron

Certified Leader Character Practitioner Senior Advisor, Character Leadership development and implementation Canada Revenue Agency

Melanie (Mel) Bergeron is a seasoned public servant with an extensive 20-year career driven by boundless curiosity. Her professional journey has taken her through diverse realms, including policy, Indigenous health research, employee engagement, mental health and wellbeing, organizational culture, and the realm of leadership and character development.

Mel is a Certified Leader Character Practitioner, a distinction she earned through dedicated studies at the prestigious Ivey Business School. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ottawa University and certification as a Life Coach, Mel specializes in guiding high achievers through transformative career transitions, harnessing their passions to drive purposeful impact.

Mel’s true devotion lies in championing leader character awareness and development among executives and managers. Her mission is to continuously pioneer innovative strategies for infusing Leader Character principles into organizational practices, both at the strategic and operational levels. She seeks to make character the cornerstone of optimized performance, fostering a culture of sustained excellence.

With her unwavering commitment to leadership and character, Mel is not only a public servant but also a catalyst for positive change in the world of leadership, inspiring others to embrace the power of character-driven excellence.