Why we exist

Our purpose is to permanently elevate character alongside competence in organizations and their leaders across all countries, cultures, industries and sectors to promote human flourishing, well-being and sustained excellence.

The BIG Idea

The Big Idea is to elevate Character to the level of Competency in all aspects of organizational leadership. It requires a belief and commitment from the new recruit to the Board Chair that the development of one’s own character is foundational to their success, the success of the organization, and the organization’s capacity to achieve its purpose and enhance the well-being of its stakeholders. Leader Character is the touchstone and backbone of the organization’s culture, and is a vital, long term, strategic asset that is always being exercised and strengthened.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to create exceptional value through nurturing productive partnerships between the world’s leading Leader Character researchers, consultants with deep subject area knowledge and lived Leader Character experience, and leaders committed to elevating Leader Character alongside competency in their organizations.


How we behave

We will strive to constantly practice and consistently demonstrate in our interactions and relationships with all stakeholders the behaviours defined in the Leader Character framework.


What we do

By elevating character alongside competency, we will help organizations build the foundation that will promote individual well-being and sustained excellence in service of pressing strategic initiatives, and by doing so position organizations as a positive force in the world.


Where we have an impact

By elevating character alongside competence, organizations will continually improve the lives of their owners, employees, customers and suppliers, and the families, communities and societies in which they live and work.

Start the Conversation

Ready to know more about how Leader Character can help you and your organization achieve and sustain excellence, while at the same time enhancing your collective well-being? Sounds impossible, right? But it’s not – with Leader Character the two go hand-in-hand. We would love to hear from you!