Corey Crossan, Ph.D.

Teaching Fellow at the University of Oxford and Co-Founder of Virtuosity Character

Corey Crossan is a teaching fellow at The Oxford Character Project where she develops and facilitates character development programs for students, industry, and university partners. She recently completed her doctoral studies at Western University, Canada, which examined how character can be developed and its impact on performance and well-being in sport. Her undergraduate work in Exercise Science inspired her unique application of exercise and habit development towards her research that shed light on what it takes to implement a daily practice of character development. Corey’s love for elite performance developed as she competed in top-level athletics for most of her life, highlighted by competing as a NCAA Division 1 athlete. Corey translated her understanding for elite performance into a passion for helping individuals and organizations develop sustained excellence. She is also a co-developer of the Virtuosity Leader Character Development software application which was created to support the daily, deliberate practice of character-based leadership development.