Jessica Garant, Ph.D.

Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Researcher/Consultant and Certified Leader Character Practitioner

Jessica has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Guelph, as well as a Certificate in Civil Mediation, a Certificate in Communication Processes, and is a Certified Leader Character Practitioner. Her current expertise focuses on understanding and reducing conflict and incivility in the workplace. Her recent project involved discussing with mediators and different parties to understand both perspectives in how these difficult interactions evolve to better prevent escalation and promote reconciliation.

Her goal is to help organizations thrive by helping them select, promote, and develop their leaders. She also focuses on group dynamics by empowering organizations to foster positive communication, to address conflicts, and to create a harmonious work environment that promotes employee engagement and performance.

Since 2014, she has worked as a consultant and researcher with experience improving group dynamics, as well as developing, implementing, and validating selection tools (e.g., interview, work sample, situational judgment test, etc.). Her current projects include the development of tools to hire effective leaders with strong character and helping them understand/develop their character. Other projects also included helping leaders develop their management skills such as conducting interviews, delivering feedback, setting goals, and promoting professionalism.

Jessica is a dynamic and captivating public speaker with a passion for inspiring and empowering others, she has a talent to engage her audience by blending humour, storytelling, and insightful anecdotes. Her services include but are not limited to developing selection processes, providing conflict assessments, developing customized resolution strategies, conducting mediation, facilitation services, workshops, and transformation initiatives.

Fun facts: Jessica is an ice hockey and ball hockey player during her spare time and used to be a portrait artist.