December 2023

Society Needs a Leadership Paradigm Shift

As part of the publicity supporting our recent book The Character Compass, Co-founders Mary and Bill wrote an interesting and novel article that was originally published in CEO World.

A short summary

All too often, ignoring the science of leader’s characters has led to dysfunction throughout organizations and all of society. Leaders have missed the opportunities for innovation and excellence that can be uncovered through the development of character.

Research has shown that leaders with strong character net a larger return on investment and experience a higher level of workforce engagement. The benefits do not stop there. Further research has uncovered that leaders with strong character make employees feel psychologically safe, giving them the ability to both voice their concerns when necessary and take more risks, leading to innovation.

Our research has found that when certain traits associated with integrity are underweighted, (particularly self-awareness, vulnerability, empathy, compassion, patience, and calm), the individual can come across as abrasive, dogmatic, toxic, and a bully.

This does not promote an environment that fosters employee expression and innovation that can lead to gains across the company. Simply put, character must be elevated along with competency.